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Our Goal


Our goal is to provide the best possible solutions to our partners by working with existing systems and providing open protocol solutions for new and retrofit applications.  We then ensure maximum efficiency is maintained through continuous optimization.  We believe that efficiency applies to more than energy and, therefore, we work with our partners to streamline processes and ensure that all facility issues are resolved quickly, reducing technical time, system downtime, and the impact on energy, comfort and facility operation.


our Team

Located in Ottawa Canada, our bilingual service specialists are available 24/7 365 days a year and have extensive experience with multi-site retail as well as large commercial building automation systems.  They are trained to troubleshoot and diagnose issues remotely and have the full support of certified HVAC and BAS Technicians.  Facility Managers can rest assured that each call will be handled to resolution by experienced professionals who take ownership and pride in the services provided. 



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