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​​Enerfrog Building Automation Systems included industry proven energy saving strategies such as Demand Control Ventilation, Outdoor Reset Calculations and Outdoor Air Optimization.  In addition to this we have designed systems for ease of remote monitoring and triage which reduces troubleshooting time and increases efficiency of the on-site technicians.  We also offer solutions for retrofits and small businesses where a full building automation system may not be required.

We will perform all applications, calculations, and measurement and verification required to secure the maximum possible utility incentives offered.

At Enerfrog we have over 20 years of experience installing, programming and troubleshooting Novar Logic One Building Automation Systems.  We provide remote diagnostic and troubleshooting services to assist technicians nationally, parts replacement, and end-of-line replacement solutions.

​In addition to fielding complex building automation and HVAC related issues, our service specialists are available to field facility maintenance calls.  This offers our customers the benefit of technically trained support staff who know the proper questions to ask, and provides site managers with peace of mind that their issues are being handled by qualified personnel, not call center staff.  A single point of contact for all facility related issues, allows our customers to concentrate on operating their business with the confidence that Enerfrog will handle all their facility needs.  Enerfrog will take ownership of each call by dispatching the site's preferred vendors and liaising information between the vendors and the site contact to ensure that all parties are fully informed of the situation and steps to resolution. 

With properly configured alarms and remote alarming capability, we will ensure swift response to issues so that action can be taken before they impact energy consumption or facility operations.   With existing systems, we will review and create additional alarms, if necessary, to ensure the highest possible level of protection.

In many cases our remote triage can resolve issues or provide temporary resolution in order to eliminate unnecessary after hours service calls.  We will liaise with the technicians and provide diagnostic information so that they know what to expect upon arrival and work with them remotely to test and confirm automation and equipment operation upon completion.  We will ensure that the technicians follow our troubleshooting guidelines in order to prevent unnecessary automation part replacements.

When Remote Resolution of site issues is not possible, the site’s preferred vendors can be dispatched and tracked to ensure swift, cost effective, resolution of HVAC and Automation issues.  Our Technicians can assist on-site HVAC and Electrical Technicians to reduce troubleshooting time and ensure quick, accurate resolution of HVAC and Controls related issues without the need to send Automation Technicians to site.

Recommissioning of Building Automation Systems ensures that all energy savings and Return on Investment are maximized.  Even the most efficiently designed and properly installed building automation system will lose efficiency if not continuously optimized and recommissioned.  Failure of one sensor can cause increased energy usage or loss of potential savings.  Through our continuous optimization program, peak efficiency is maintained and downtime minimized. Natural Resources Canada recognizes recommissioning as an essential part of building energy management.

"Through recommissioning, whole-building energy use may be reduced by an average of 5% to 15%. In some cases, annual savings of as much as 30% are possible. "(

Real-Time data acquisition allows for Energy Use Reporting, Analysis, and Recommendations.  Data can be used to confirm Energy Bills and identify controls related issues.  Our web-based energy reports can be accessed to view  and compare energy readings at any time from anywhere.​

For sites with remotely monitored building automation systems, we provide remote quality assurance testing which ensures that all automation, lighting, and HVAC equipment is operating properly prior to warranty expiration.  We also provide this service to 3rd party supplied and installed systems so that  our customers can confirm system operation and the systems adhere to the required specifications

Our alliance of highly skilled HVAC and Automation Technicians ensures that all issues can be resolved swiftly, and accurate, professional recommendations submitted to ensure that informed decisions are made.